5 Great Grape Guzzlers

Riedel “Sommeliers” Stemless White Wine Tasting Glass (Set of 4)


Go to Riedel.com.

Stemless Wine Glasses – Kenetic

Emma Klau’s Kenetic wine glasses are individually ‘hand blown’, stunning, collector’s items. Classically-designed revolving glasses are functional glassware in two respects; while you use the glass to drink wine, it is also acts as a decanter aerating the wine as it revolves around its axis. Inspired by a love of wine and the idea of creating fun enjoyable glassware, to compliment the quality of the liquid that it holds within. These glasses are the perfect gift or a great conversation starter at any dinner party!


Go to Sooper.

Crows/Port Adelaide Team Wine Glass


Go to AFL Store.

The Dog Is Home stemless wines glasses (Set of 4)


Bring a smile to any dog lover’s face with this set of four ‘The Dog Is Home’ stemless wines glasses. Each beautifully shaped 21-ounce glass features a sand-etched design of a humorous phrase and a paw print.

Go to Overstock.com.

Black Cat Wine Glasses (Set of 4)


Add some fun to the Halloween holiday with the versatile set of four wine glasses. These ornate wine glasses add intrigue to every Halloween gathering.

Go to Overstock.com.

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