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If you don’t know Frangelico as a hazelnut liqueur, odds are you know it as that weird-ass bottle that kinda looks like a monk”.

Though it was only released in the ’80s, the Italian-made liqueur has one of those elaborate backstories: monks in the Piedmont region had been making something similar to Frangelico for centuries, inspiring its particular blend of hazelnut, vanilla and cocoa flavors.


Regardless of the true origin, Frangelico can be fun to experiment with in cocktails. Like many nutty, low-proof liqueurs, it’s quite sweet—but when you balance it out with more potent spirits, the sugar gets tempered a bit, and its pleasant hazelnut flavors come out. These drinks will taste a bit dessert-y, but it’s a still-plenty-boozy sort of dessert.



  • 10 Boxes of Guylian Chocolate seashells
  • 3 parts hazelnut liqueur (frangelico)
  • 3 parts coffee liqueur (tia maria, kahlua)
  • 3 parts irish cream (bailey’s)
  • 6 parts fresh cream1 tbsp honey


Blend with ice and serve in a tall glass.


Garnish with chocolate flakes and chocolate topping drizzled down the inside of the glass. Give it a chocolate rim. More chocolate. Chocolate everywhere.


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