Usually a tree or shrub, grown in a container and made to look like a mature tree using various training techniques. Usually, no taller than 1 metre.



The art of bonsai as we know it, traces back almost 2000 years. The word ‘bonsai’ is made up of 2 Japanese characters or word phrases, “bon” & “sai.” “Bon” is the pot, tray or container; the “sai” is the tree or potted planting.bebb_gallery_bougainvillea_lge_1

The essence of classical Bonsai is to produce a healthy miniature representation of a tree.

Storytelling through living illusion

The artist strives to find avenues for personal expression within the confines of good horticultural practice. Bonsai is a pleasant mix of form, thought and suggestion in a miniature world and like all good art, it endures.

Go to Spirit Of Bonsai.


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