Grow Your Own Tomatoes


Don’t ever buy tomatoes from the supermarket

Friends or family always have tomato plants. Visit them armed with scissors and when they’re not looking cut off a branch or six.

Rooting powder

Stick the tip of the branch in rooting powder and then in a pot filled with seed raising mix which is basically potting mix with sand. We use baked bean cans for pots to raise our little tomato buddies ‘cos we’re awesome and like to recycle.



Keep your little tomato buddies moist and in a couple of weeks the wee little fellas will strike and send out new roots.

It’s that simple

When these plants are mature you can give them a hair cut and plant all those cuttings, too.

It’s the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving.


We guarantee your home grown tomatoes will taste a gazillion times better than store bought crap.


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