10 Best Spots To Snorkel In Queensland

Our Top 10 favourite snorkelling spots in Queensland – in no particular order because they’re all awesome.

Langford Spit Beach, Whitsundays

Check out this little dude: so much beach, so little island.


Go to Langford Island.

Hayman Island, Whitsundays

One word: stunning.


Go to Hayman Island.

Fitzroy Island, Cairns

Awesomeness to the power of infinity. This place is super special.

fitzroy islan

Go to Fitzroy Island.

Green Island, Cairns

Just 45 minutes across the Coral Sea by fast catamaran from Cairns.


Go to Green Island.

Orpheus Island, Townsville

Come see the giant clams squirting water at low tide!

Go to Orpheus Island.

Low Isles, Port Douglas


With spectacular coral reefs surrounding the picturesque Low Isles, this one’s a pearler.

Go to Low Isles.

Lady Elliot Island, Southern Great Barrier Reef


Literally an island paradise, which you can walk around in hour.

Check out the turtle hatchlings.

Go to Lady Elliot Island.

Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island

15 vessels were deliberately sunk on the landward side of Moreton Island to form a breakwall for small boats and a wreck dive and snorkel site.


Go to Tangalooma Wrecks.

Shelving Beach, Great Keppel Island


On the western tip of the island lies a hidden gem that’s worth exploring – Shelving Beach. Go via Fisherman’s Beach nestled in between rocky outcrops and coral reefs and there’s always something to see among the colourful marine life that lives there.

Go to Great Keppel.

Geoffrey Bay, Magnetic Island


The Geoffrey Bay Trail offers a superb selection of fish to see around the Moltke wreck. Stronger swimmers can check out the WWII plane propeller and engine block from a CW-22B Curtiss Falcon for more adventure.

Follow the white surface floats that outline the trail and offer flotation for snorkelers to rest. You’ll also find white subsurface floats marked with letters. These letters relate to the Swim Cards which are available from local shops.

Go to Magnetic Island.

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