Nut Brown Hare Goes To Broome

Once upon a time… I had a really, really, really bad day.

I’m not talking broke-a-nail-bad or speeding-fine-terrible. I’m talking house got robbed, car got stolen, almost lost my job and relationship in tatters – true story.

So when my working week wrapped at 5 on Friday I found myself on the train homeward bound but when we pulled into my station I did not alight.

I kept going.


I stayed on the train 4 more stops and got off at Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal.

I went up to the QANTAS service desk and asked the lady with the reassuringly frizzy hair for the next flight to anywhere.

5 hours later I was in Broome, Western Australia.

With only Nut Brown Hare for company.

We had a blast.

This is Nut Brown Hare

TJ299-11-06 P01-32 150L D_Ka

This is Nut Brown Hare in Broome, on Cable Beach. He’s the perfect travelling companion because he’s happy to eat anywhere. He doesn’t hog the sheets and he doesn’t expect to share your Smirnoff premixed Long Island Iced Tea.

nut brown hare

Travel alone occasionally. It’s good for the soul.


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