The Coffee Conundrum

Caffeine: a necessity not a luxury

Living on an island, to get a decent one of these ↓


I need to cross this ↓


But in the water there are these ↓

**** MANDATORY BYLINE PIC BY AMANDA BREWER/ CATERS NEWS **** - (PICTURED: The moment the great white shark jumped out of the water) - This is the jaw-some moment when a brave school teacher came face-to-face with a GREAT WHITE SHARK. Amanda Brewer captured the stunning images using just a GoPro camera, on August 22, 2014. A volunteer data collector for White Shark Africa, Amanda was cage diving in Mossel Bay, off Seal Island, South Africa, when the great white plunged out of the water towards her. Amanda, from New Jersey, USA, was inside a cage hoping to catch a glimpse of more serene sea creatures. SEE CATERS COPY.

So I need to catch one of these ↓


With people like this ↓


So I need one of these ↓


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