Fabergé Eggcellence

So, in case you didn’t know, the third Imperial Fabergé Egg, turned up recently.


The jewelled creation, containing a stunning timepiece was bought for scrap metal a few years ago but lingered in a kitchen while the price of gold fluctuated. A chance browse on the internet lead the owner to  discover it’s real worth: $33 Million.

faberge egg

Fabergé’s Third Imperial Easter Egg – 1887

Long considered lost, the Third Imperial Easter Egg was discovered in 2012 in the possession of a scrap metal dealer in the American Midwest. He’d bought the egg some years before at a rummage sale for $13,000, planning to sell it for the melt value of its gold.

Unable to find a buyer who’d cover his cost, it sat on his kitchen counter until one night when he Googled “egg” and “Vacheron Constantin” (the maker of the watch inside the egg).

Subsequent investigation verified that it was indeed the Third Imperial Easter Egg, made by Fabergé in 1887 and bought by Tsar Alexander III as a gift for the Empress Marie.

Last seen in 1964 when it was sold by Parke Bernet (now Sotheby’s) as a “Gold Watch in Egg-Form Case” for £875 (about $23,400 in 2015 dollars), the rediscovered egg is estimated to be worth $33 million.

Of the 50 Imperial Fabergé Eggs made for Russia’s Royal Family 6 are still missing.


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