Cabin Fever Craft Hour #8 (or moving to New Zealand and starting again)

I really need to update the title of this series of blogs. I no longer live on an island in a cabin.

I live in a cottage in New Zealand, which I guess is still technically an island but I think the population here is about 4 million as opposed to 200, where I was living before.


So I arrived in the country with only the clothes on my back and a suitcase full of ill-fitting knickers I packed in a hurry and promptly discarded to a thrift store on arrival.

And so began the awesome task of starting anew. There is something insanely soul-cleansing about moving countries –  about giving away or donating  or setting fire to the old and beginning again somewhere else.

One of the resolutions I made when I moved to New Zealand was to spend less time in front of the computer. Consequently I do not have Wi-Fi at home … neither do I have TV stations … I watch the occasional movie on my laptop but that’s about it.

New Zealand makes you want to get off the sofa and do stuff.

 So I’ve been doing stuff.

 I’ve spent more time in the garden.

 I’ve decided that I won’t buy anything new for my house.

 I will recycle everything I possibly can.

 I will buy only unloved furniture and sand, paint and buff it back into a new and beautiful existence.

 I found this stunning remu chest of drawers in a spastic society thrift store.

 It was so beaten up it was ready to go in the trash.

 I paid $10 for the drawers and about $10 for all the stuff living on top of it.

 The chillis are grown from cuttings.

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