Grow your own lemon or lime trees


Growing your own lemon or lime trees from cuttings in the garden is so easy.


Here is the lime tree in my garden.


If you look closely you can see a large lime hiding in the foliage. And a little lime just in front.


The sun is coming up and this is the best time to take your cuttings. Any time is okay really apart from during the midday heat.

Try to get an inch or two of fresh, new growth.


You’re gonna need to cut most of the leaves off.

This is because while your cutting is new, you don’t want all the energy going into the leaves, you want it to start generating roots ASAP.

Cut off all leaves apart from the top one or two, and if these are big leaves, snip off the top half of the leaf. I haven’t snipped the leaves in the pic below because they’re so small.


Get yourself some rooting hormone from the hardware or garden store. Comes in powder or gel form. Both work for me.


Dip the bottom inch or so of the cutting in the rooting hormone powder and then put in a container of seed raising mix, which is essentially potting mix and sand.

You can use straight potting mix and this works, too. The cuttings just stand firmer if you add some sand.

Then the watering and waiting game begins.

I usually take about 10 cutting at a time and I might lose one or two but if you’re patient and you keep them moist … they’ll nearly always survive and take root.


So after 6 weeks or 8 weeks your lime or lemon tree should look like this.


Once it’s got roots like this it’ll start sprouting new leaves and your tree is established.

You could even have lemons and limes by the next season!


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