Kathmandu Palace


The diverse culinary heritage and unique culture of Nepal tucked in the beautiful valleys, hills and in the mountains are well preserved in the Himalayan mountainous country side of Nepal.

In the country where guests are looked upon as Gods, it’s an honour for the Nepalese to welcome guests and offer them the best hospitality treating them with a best possible and satisfying meal.


Kathmandu Palace in Glenelg have attempted to bring the secrets of such culinary heritage, culture, hospitality, arts and crafts of Nepal in this beautiful city of Adelaide keeping it in its best authentic form of Nepalese cuisine. So, the team at Kathmandu Palace Restaurant is dedicated to quality and consistency and would heartily welcome you to enjoy “The taste of traditional Nepalese cuisine, aromatic spices and an array of exotic flavours” in a beautiful, historic and traditional setting right here in the heart of South Australia.


They put great emphasis on using local produces as much as possible but use of quality imports are inevitable to keep the recipes traditional and authentic as with any ethnic cultural cuisine as like with most Asian dishes. The combination is apparent in the use of finest quality meat, fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, fresh herbs to create exotic flavoursome treats just like in a Nepalese family home.

Prayer wheel

The menu is a balance of careful research, study and what has been passed down from ancestral family history and the outcome is a pleasant surprise to your taste buds when you dine in at Kathmandu Palace.

9 Nile Street, Glenelg, South Australia, 5045
Dinner: Tues – Sun 5:30 pm onwards

Lunch: Thursday – Friday
(08) 8294 8224
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