What is pâté?

  • Pate is an hors d’oeuvre made of seasoned ground meat, poultry, seafood, or vegetables, mixed with fat and other base ingredients, such as herbs, spices or alcohol.
  • Pate can have a smooth or coarse texture.
  • Pate is often served baked in a crust (en croute) or molded in a terrine.
  • Some Pates are finished with a garnish for flavoring such as chopped nuts. Pate may be served molded or unmolded, hot or cold, but tends to develop its best flavor after being chilled.

She-Oak Pâté Knife


  • The She-Oak Pâté Knife is ergonomically designed to fit snugly in the hand, allowing a firm grip of the fingers around the handle and though designated as a pate knife it can of course be used for butter, soft cheeses, dips and accompaniments to a cheese board such as quince paste or chutney.
  • The West Australian She-Oak is a highly decorative timber with its definite patterning and colour, shown to good effect in the organic shapes of the handle.
  • The blade is made from the best quality Sheffield steel and the She-Oak Pate Knife makes a great duo on a cheese plate when paired with the She-Oak Cheese Knife.

For more go to Australian Woodwork.

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